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Drivers of Sophia

Featured Drivers of

Bob Fields

In 1976 Robert Fields purchased a 1957 Giuliette Spider that had been used for street use for several years. This car would later go one to become Sophia. Fields transformed the car into a race car and raced her for the first time September 1976 at Laguna Seca under the number 39 with CHP colors. Fields was also an engineer and crew chief of Rubber Chicken Racing. The Rubber chicken that famously hangs from the trunk of Sophia pays homage to the group.

Al Leake

Al and Sophia were racing Legends on the East Coast and raced together for over 20 years. After going on a tear in "modern" racing and earning Driver of the year twice, Al retired Sophia and revitalized her for the vintage scene. Al passed away in 2008 after a battle with lung cancer but his memory lives on through Sophia.

Ed Boyajian

Ed Boyajin the current driver of Sophia. After falling in love with the West Coast Racing Scene, Ed knew that he wanted in on the action. Ed fist saw Sophia while out in California and he knew she was the car for him. Ed is also the driver responsible for introducing Sophia to the East Coast racing scene and boy are the fans happy to have her! Wanting to honor the rich history of Sophia he decided that a site was needed to share her history with the world. In 2023 he hired Thomas Kincaid to develop the site that you are looking at now.

Phil Mason

Phil Mason purchased Sophia on March 3rd 1979 from Dave Craddock, together Phil and Sophia went on a tear. They won 2 SCCA Regional titles and 2 SCCA Divisional Titles, 1 Pacific Road Racing Championship and two trips to the National Run Off in Atlanta. After 6 years of racing and with a baby on the way Phil retired from racing in 1985 and would sell his car to Al Leake.

Tancredi D'Amore

Tancredi D'Amore purchased Sophia in 2012 from Rich Johnson. After the purchase Tancredi proudly raced Sophia on the vintage race scene for 10 years. Tancredi is the man responsible for gathering the history of Sophia so that it could be documented on this site. It was his writing that can be found in the history section of this site.